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  • Why does ShopKetti exist?
    We created ShopKetti to simplify the wholesale process for small to medium and independent businesses. Our platform streamlines the wholesale process by removing sales reps and distributors while providing a variety of tools that increase sales, communications, and transparency. Our vision is to work with our partners to rewrite the rules of wholesale so they’re based around their ever changing needs. While the marketplace is our core function what we value most is an open line of communication, if you ever have any feedback about our service or your current wholesale process we would love to hear it! You can always email us at
  • Where is ShopKetti based?
    ShopKetti is a New York City based startup and we currently provide our service throughout the United States.
  • Can I use this platform if I'm not a wholesaler?
    No, this is a wholesale platform and all retailers must provide a Tax ID number.
  • How does ShopKetti work?
    Its really simple! After signing up creators will have their products uploaded to the marketplace. From there they sit back and wait for a retailer to place an order for their items, once the order is received the creator will ship the product directly to the retailers shipping address.
  • When can I contact ShopKetti?
    You can emails us anytime or call us Monday - Friday from 10am - 5:30pm (EST)
  • How do I sign up?
    It's simple, just click the "Join" tab at the top of the screen and fill out the form. If you're a retailer your set. If you're a Creator, just start uploading products through the "Products" tab.
  • How does ShopKetti process payments?
    ShopKetti uses Stripe to process every transaction on our platform. Creators must create a free Stripe account when signing up in order to receive payment from retailers who purchase their goods. Retailers do not need to sign up for Stripe.
  • What are the benefits of ShopKetti
    Find New Products

    Our marketplace makes it easy to discover and purchase new inventory for your store. Simply find the products you like, select the quantity, and add it to your cart! Once you’re done shopping, checkout and we take care of the rest. Your order will be updated with tracking numbers and shipping costs after being placed.

    Save Money

    When you place an order on ShopKetti you’re placing it direct with the manufacturer. No distributors means no markup from their end. And because it’s free to join, retailers only pay for the price of goods plus shipping.

    Save Time

    It’s difficult creating multiple accounts with different creators. That’s why we’re bringing them all together under one platform. One ShopKetti account gives you access to unique products from all over the U.S. And because we process the payment you can use any credit or debit card you’d like.

    Simplify Your Business

    One account is all you need. Whether you’re a retailer or a creator our objective is to make your business run better. Not only is it easy to place orders via the Marketplace but it’s easy to fulfill and track their progress with our Order Management section.

    Be Heard

    We created ShopKetti for small businesses. We want to hear your thoughts, good or bad. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to email us at or use the messaging tool at the bottom right of your screen to talk directly with us!
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  • Are these wholesale prices?
    Yes, the prices listed by creators and paid by retailers on our platform is always a wholesale price.
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  • How do I receive payment?
    As a Creator, you do not receive a P.O. (Purchase Order) until the checks out. Their payment information is then held by a third party payment processor (Stripe) until you accept the order and ship it to the retailer. Once shipped the money is transferred to you minus all fees.
  • Do creators pay any fees?
    Yes, creators pay a 5% commission for every sale and a 2.9% credit card processing fee.
  • How do I upload a product to the marketplace?
    Uploading products to the marketplace is very easy once you get the hang of it. To get you started we’ve outlined the process from start to finish.

    1 Select the "Product" tab under the Creators dropdown. Once there click the “New Product” button.

    You are now on the product upload page. Enter the SKU, Product Name, Product Description, Base Price, select a Category, and add Pictures.

    Next, select as many color and sizes as the product is made in. You must select at least one color and one size.

    Once you’ve filled in all the fields click the “Next” button.

    You will see a new section titled “Manage Variations”. Your product will not be in our marketplace until you have created at least one (1) variation.

    Click the “Add a Variation” button.

    You will see a sidebar titled “MANAGE VARIATION” pop-up. Enter the minimum order quantity and available stock then select a color and select a size.

    Once you've entered the variation information click the “Save” button. Congrats! You’ve just listed your first product in our marketplace! You can add as many variations as you would like per product and upload as many products as you would like.

    We can also upload your products for you if you give us the necessary information. Email all information to
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  • Will ShopKetti hold my credit card information?
    No, ShopKetti never holds any credit card information.
  • What if I need to place a refund/exchange?
    If there is a problem with a shipment you received through our platform you can request an exchange. At this time the easiest way is to email hello@ShopKetti with the reason for the exchange and at least two pictures documenting your reason for exchange. We will relay your issue to the creator and begin your exchange process. At this time we do not accept full refunds only exchanges.
  • Do retailers pay any fees?
    No, retailers do not pay any fees on our platform. You only pay for the price of goods plus shipping.