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Eco Cat Teasers

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Product Details
These Eco-Cat Teasers will get your cat moving and exercising with their enticing and attractive design. With tentacles at the end, Max will want to pounce and claw the teaser, relishing in its hunting instincts. There is 36" of rope that you can wind and unwind around a 10" wand, so you adjust how far or close you want to tease your cat from. Made from sheep wool, which has properties that it sturdy and durable, these teasers will survive time as well many feline "attacks."

  • ECO-FRIENDLY – rope is made from natural wool
  • FUN AND ENTICING – get you cat moving and exercising
  • SOFT YET DURABLE – wool is naturally resistant to tearing and soiling
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – rope is in total 36 inches
  • COLORFUL DESIGNS – Multi Colored
  • GOOD for the Planet ! Fun for Your Cat
  • HELP your pet support Fair Trade
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