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At One Heart, we believe one ingredient can make all the difference. Our recipes are swimmingly simple and packed with all-natural, flavorful nutrients your pets will love.

Happy Fish Bonito Bites, 2.5 oz - Cat Treats

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Product Details

Caught wild off the shores of Japan, our 100% Bonito Bites are a delicate cat treat full of powerful nutrients! Rich in taurine, protein and omega 3, these treats support your cat’s brain, joint and heart health.

Whether you use them as a treat or a food topper, your cat is sure to love these fishy bites.

Happy Fish Bonito Bites are made with one ingredient: Tuna

They are:

- Low fat

- All natural

- High in protein

- High in taurine

- High in Omega 3

They support

- Brain health

- Heart health

- Join health


One heart. One promise.

We believe one ingredient can make all the difference in the products we create for the animals you love. Our obsessions with “the one” ensures you never have to worry about quality or safety when choosing our products.

We’ll focus on our one, so you can focus on yours. 

MSRP: $9.99
MAP: $8.99
UPC: 858463007391
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