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Replacement Rolls for BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Dog Potty

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Product Details

Replacement roll is equivalent to 27 pads making BrilliantPad hands-off for days or weeks at a time. Extraordinarily thin yet durable and highly absorbent. Plastic barrier film protects machine and seals waste to lock away odor. Super absorbent polymer holds three cups of urine per pad. Non-woven spun-bond top sheet resists tearing. Each roll comes with biodegradable take-up rod and end-caps to work with BrilliantPad machine and make clean-up easy.

• Premium. Soaks up liquids, drieds out solids and absorbs 50x its weight to hold over 3 cups of urine per exposed section of pad

• Sanitary. Plastic backing protects against leaks, seals in odor and provides clean grasp surface for disposal.

• Complete. Includes disposable and biodegradable rods and caps to make disposal fast, easy and clean.

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UPC: 866294000320
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