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The Original mine Pet Platter - Teal

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Product Details
Think Beyond the Bowl!

How you feed your pet is just as important as what you feed them.

Your customers will love The Original mine Pet Platter because it creates a feeding territory that encourages dogs and cats to unleash instinctive, healthier eating behaviors to maximize the benefits derived from healthier natural food choices.

This patented feeder promotes healthy eating behaviors by naturally slowing the rate and speed of food consumption and aiding digestion.  It engages pets to hunt, lick and sniff which is intellectually stimulating and psychologically rewarding.  Most importantly, when pets eat naturally, it can solve a whole host of problems such as digestive issues (burping/gas/regurgitation), reduces the risk of bloat, food guarding, food relocation and boredom.

The Pet Platter can be used with any type of meals and treats including kibble, canned, dehydrated, refrigerated, raw and home cooked!  It is knife and utensil safe, nonporous (so it won’t harbor bacteria) and great in the refrigerator/freezer so you can make yummy & long-lasting treats.

Top 10 Benefits reported by Pet Parents
  • Slows down eating: reduces air and food gulping
  • Improves digestion: Reduces/eliminates
  • gas/burping/regurgitation
  • Engages finicky eaters: overcomes fears and anxiety of eating
  • Promotes healthy eating behavior: useful for training puppies
  • Overcomes food aggression: relaxes and calms eating process as pets can see their surroundings
  • Stops pets from moving food to another location: it's their feeding territory
  • Eliminates boredom: personal eating playground
  • Increases involvement: promotes hunting/foraging/sniffing and licking
  • Stimulates thinking: pets choose how and what to eat first and so on through every last bite
  • Fulfilling and rewarding: stimulates a successful "hunt in the wild"

  • The mine Pet Platter is made of one of the safest, if not the safest, material: cellulose fiber which comes from trees and is the most natural occurring organic molecule on the planet. It is dishwasher safe, BPA free, food safe, recyclable, sustainable forestry and 100% USA from start to finish!

    The Original mine Pet Platter is 100% designed to benefit pets!

    Recommended for dogs under 35 pounds. Size: 10 x 13.5 x 1/2 inch Weight: 1.4 pounds MSRP $34.95 (MAP)
    MSRP: N/A
    MAP: $0.00
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