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Wagz Serve Smart Feeder

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Product Details
Want to make sure your dog is fed right whether you are at home or on the go? Ditch the scooping and worrying with the Wagz™ Serve Smart Feeder that delivers the right food to the right dog-at the right time! Features: -Portion Control and Calorie Allocation Our Serve Smart Feeder leverages activity data from the Wagz™ Explore Smart Collar to recommend the right amount of food for your dog. -Whello Smart Nutrition Buh bye bags, welcome Wagzi. Let us help you make sure your pet gets the right nutrition for the right stage in their life. -Dash Replenishment Our smart feeder has Dash Replenishment built right in, so you never have to worry about running out of food. We keep tabs on your inventory so you don’t have to! No buttons, no worries. -Automatic Dispenser Ditch the scoop and dog food mess with our automatic dispenser, which you can program to deliver the correct amount of food, at the right time. -Keep Other Dogs Away Prevent food mix-ups in multiple-dog households, with a unique pet ID tag in our smart dog collar that validates the correct dog to receive food. -Ensure Proper Eating Our automatic STOP cover creates healthy eating habits, prevents overeating, and theft of food from sibling pets. -Anti-Jam Technology Our anti-jamming design means your pet will never miss a meal due to stuck kibble. -Built-in Video and Two-Way Audio Interact with your dog on the go, and see for yourself that she’s eating properly while you’re away.
MSRP: $345.00
MAP: $310.50
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