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Hofseth Biocare ASA

Hofseth BioCare is a Norwegian biomarine company with roots back to year 2000. Our proprietary technology is based upon a new method for fully controlled by-product refinement up to high-end products. After many years of R&D, testing and documentation, the company’s proprietary enzymatic hydrolysis-process converts by-products to sustainable value-added products. Hofseth BioCare’s products are sustainable and traceable. There is a growing demand for proteins in the world and providing sustainable high quality products to the market is the main goal for Hofseth BioCare.

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Brilliant Salmon Oil is a fresh, unrefined and natural product extracted from Norwegian salmon. The Brilliant Salmon oil is with any additives or artificial coloring. The product comes in a UV protected transparent bottle so you can see the natural color. Brilliant Salmon Oil will give a brilliant gloss to your pet’s coat, softer paws and increased energy. Brilliant Salmon Oil will also help increase your pet’s appetite and help reduce cardiovascular diseases.

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