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Nepal Dog Treat, LLC

Nepal Dog Treat (NDT) manufactures, distributes, and sells 100% all-natural dog treats made from Chhurpi hard cheese. NDT is based in Virginia, USA with production facilities in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our team has over 5 years of experience crafting all-natural dog treat products from Yak cheese. NDT has strong ties to the most reliable and highest quality eastern Himalayan farmers and their products. We do not source from wholesalers, resellers, or monolithic dairy co-ops. NDT is not a repackager or repurchaser - quality is top priority!

Nepal Dog Treat Dog Chews are premium 100% all-natural products crafted by hand in Nepal. Our chews are made of hard, smoked cheese (Chhurpi) produced in the eastern Himalayas. The cheese is made from the milk of free-range Yak & cows using ancient and organic techniques. The chew's ONLY ingredients are Yak/Cow milk, Salt, and Lime Juice. NDT chews are easily digested and provide a long-lasting and wholesome chewing experience for your dog.