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PH+ Cleanee Inc.

Founded in 2015, PH+ Cleanee Inc is a newly developed company that specializes in promoting environmental improvement products manufactured by the Gaea Company of Japan. PH+ Cleanee Inc is the authorized dealer of the Gaea Company, selling in the USA with the trade name of “JJJee” for household use, as well as selling “Gaea Water”, which is also an environmental improvement product with stronger degreasing and cleaning powder for industrial and commercial use. JJJee (pronounced as ‘G’) contains no chemicals, no alcohol, no bleach, no surfactant, is a cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, antiseptic, personal care, pet care product all-in-one. JJJee-ONE BOTTLE DOES IT ALL, an ALL-IN-ONE Cleaner/Disinfectant/Sanitizer/Deodorizer/Antiseptic/Personal Care/Pet Care/Homeopathy, which is able to replace the existing chemical/non-chemical cleaning/disinfecting/deodorizing/sanitizing/alcohol/pet/first aids products with only ONE bottle. For human, pets, households, clinical, medical, fruits and vegetables. JJJee is a product of environmental improvements, which reduces global warming, reduces waste water treatment, reduces the spread of germs and prevent disease outbreak. Useful for public health care, households, personal hygiene, pets and other industries.